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Hi Guys, Just had the bad luck of a dead battery, won't even fire up after an overnight charge. I called the dealership and did some searching for a replacement battery and it seems they want $198 for a Yuasa YTZ10S!!!

After some searching, I found has them but also a dealer in Regina called Saskbattery. Turns out they do free shipping across Canada too! I paid about $130 for my battery after taxes and received the battery in 2 days. Very very happy about this. The battery I received isn't branded Yuasa though, it's branded Motocross Platinum (which is a rebranded yuasa, made in the same factory to the same specs). The one I received was made in Japan (any difference vs US made?)

Anyways, thought i'd share this with my fellow Canadian riders :)

*note: Not affiliated with these guys in any way. Just a very pleased customer.

**Side question. The vendor said I won't need an initial charge or anything on this guy. Is that true? Or is there a procedure I should follow for pre-charging the battery?
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