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Was speaking with my wife Carla about possibly going to Bub 4, and she had a lot of questions, so I showed her the Bubbaville website. Here's the conversation:

KEVIN: Would you like to go to the Bub 4 with me?
CARLA: What's that?
KEVIN: It's this really cool group of MV owners ... well I'll just show you the Bub web site - here it is, "Bubbaville". This is a picture of some of the people.
CARLA: Um ... and who are those people?
KEVIN: The guy in the middle on the thrown is Randy. He's the host.
CARLA: Is he like the King of the club?
KEVIN: I think that depends on your political views.
CARLA: Who is the guy with the long gotee in the back?
KEVIN: I think it's either Elton or Ade. They're both supposed to be very friendly and non-contraversial.
CARLA: Who's the one in front in the hat with the tooth missing?
KEVIN: I believe that's Ed. He's from Georgia too. I think teeth are optional in Georgia.
CARLA: And the one in the back with the orange tie that looks really wasted?
KEVIN: That may be Chuck. He's from like New Zealand. I think they drink a lot.
CARLA: OK. So what about the women.
KEVIN: I think they are Randy's concubines - not sure though. And the guy in front with the beard, I think that's Carl collecting money in the ashtray for the track day.
CARLA: Why do they all have on a neck tie with a question mark?
KEVIN: Not sure, but there seems to be a lot of discussion on the forum about sexual orientation based on whether you ride a F4 or a Brutale, so it may have something to do with that.
CARLA: Seems like a really ... uh ... interesting group of people. I think I'll be visiting my mother that weekend though. You have fun.

So, I think I'm gonna try to get there. Where do I get my Question Mark tie?


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Now, that's a HOOT!

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Ok Italia.....with 277 Posts, you're playing in the big leagues.....really cute!

Buuuut, we'd still like both of you to come to the Bubbalicious!
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