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I don't think I'm stealing Randy's thunder with this post but I'm making this update:

Alvin is going to set up a locked stickey. This is where the 4 guys coordinating things will post information. Randy is the big cheese. Ed is responsible for the Sunday Mountain Ride. Elton is managing everything associated with the track day. I will be handling hotel, banquet, accommodation questions.

If you have questions specifically about any of this stuff ask the respective Cheese.

There will be no posting in the sticky thread in an effort to keep it down to a manageable number of pages.

For my part, now is not too early to get an idea of how many are attending so we know how many rooms to book. I also need an idea of how many are planning on attending the banquet Saturday evening. (I assume most attendees will be there.) Please add your name (names) to this thread or pm me directly. Once a week I will send Alvin an updated list.

With only about 6 weeks left to go before the big event an update is in order.

1) If you have not made your reservation with the hotel directly, please do so. I have a record of who is attending, but that is more for forum members to see who will be there and for what. IF YOU HAVE NOT MADE A RESERVATION WITH THE HOTEL DIRECTLY, YOU DO NOT HAVE A ROOM RESERVED.

2) I was talking with Randy about activities for NRSOs. (Non Riding Significant Others) Atlanta has a world class aquarium. The worlds largest, I'm told. There is a museum located right next to it sponsored by Coca Cola which is also supposed to be interesting.

Thanks to a local billionaire there is also a very nice art museum in Cartersville. I am attempting arrange for group rates and organize dates. These activities will run concurrent with the organized riding events.

The angel of Beth has suggested a spa day for the ladies.

Since this thread is locked, please pm me with specific ideas if you have them.

The Private Registration Link:

The List:

CAG, CAG's Wife. Room, Banquet.
Tokyolunch, Guest. Room, Banquet.
Silentservice703, Mrs. SS Room, Banquet
Haupti, Mrs. Haupti Room, Banquet.
Yves, Tea Banquet
Chr1s_J Room, Banquet
Spartukus 2xRooms, 3 at Banquet
TheCastle,Melanie Room, Banquet
Ade Room, Banquet
R1andrew+family Room, Banquet
Noel highly Room, Banquet.
Esq'zme Banquet.
mrinflux (elton) and Cindy Banquet
ChrisB (greeneggs&ham) and wife Banquet.
Lee and Patty Banquet.
Randy, Jackie Banquet
Matt Stutzman Banquet
Georgia MV Dealer Banquet
Alvin Banquet (and finding a room to split!)
Fast Jimmy Banquet
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