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Almost dropped the Brutale the other day when I stopped for lunch. This was the second time the sidestand came back up just as I was getting off the bike. Two near misses - one a catch and save just inches from the ground.

At first I thought the sidestand mount was the culprit so I put the bike up on the stands to take a closer look. While the sidestand does not snap into the extended position as firmly as one might like, that really wasn't the problem.

I discovered the velcro closure tab on my boots was sticking out just enough to snag the little upright tab on the stand. What was happening was I'd stop the bike, put the stand down and in a continuous motion begin to get off the bike. But as I moved my foot off the sidestand, the flap on the boot would catch the tab on the sidestand and send it moving back into the retracted position. It all happened so quickly it was easy to get the false impression the sidestand was coming back up on its own.

Now I just need to be sure the flaps on the boots are completely sealed with no bit of flap sticking up. Just a tip. Hope this helps.
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