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I am a Husqvarna Nuda 900 owner in Turkey. There is 3 Nuda exist in Turkey. I like special bikes so MV is my dream brand. Actually I have 3 different option but I want to try B4 series. First choice is 2012 14.000 km Brutale 920, second choice is 2011 14.000 km Brutale 990r and final choice is 2015 3.500 km Brutale 800 Italia.

I am not aggresive rider so 920 seems better bike than others but I can't decide. Also I can't find any proper comparison between 920 and 990R. Durability is very important because there is no parts and proper services in Turkey. We have a distributor but they are just selling and if you need anything, they order from Italy. That is why I am afraid to buy Brutale 800 for known problems like sprag clutch issue.

I talked with Mr. Doggy about 920 vs 800 differences and he recommended to buy 800 but I can't decide clearly. Please share your thoughts, thank you!
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