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Hello guys,

during my holidays I found, that motorbike gets overheated - the fan did not work which was problem on traffic lights during summer.

When I got back home, I swapped two relays (in total there are 4 mounted on battery bracket), after that, the fan started working, but the headlight stopped...

So it seems like relay is faulty? I ordered new one and still stame.. I took all 5 relays (4 from motorcycle and 1 which I supposed its faulty) to the table and measured 81-82 ohms on all 5 relays between pins 1 and 3 like manual says. Additionally, I took 12 VDC power supply and conected to pins 1 and 3 - the relays (all 5 pieces) are clicking when I connect / disconnect power.. So this is also saying the relays are fine...

Any ideas please?

Thanks a lot !
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