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They were very favourable of it :)
It was up against the 848 SF and Aprilia Shiver.
While it wasn't the winner, that honour went to the SF, they did like it despite its failings, on that subject they admitted it is an older model, (this test was done back in October) and that MV do push out regular updates to improve the bike so it's like getting an iPhone update, strole into the dealer receive a free download and transform the ride :)
Some of their quotes say it all basically :laughing:
"Pin the throttle, rip through the gears, and only fate will decide where you end up"
"it's like tethering a raging bull, kicking it in the bollocks, and holding on for the wild ride."
"As the motor spins in correlation with the throttle, you have no control over what's going on. It's bloody brilliant."
"Ridden in isolation, the MV will be bearable and its delinquent behaviour could be glossed over. They are the sort of things you get accustomed to. But at the end of the day it should be locked up in a padded cell."
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