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I've always had a problem with my battery, it never seems to hold a charge for more than a week if I don't warm the bike up and let it recharge.

I assumed that it was probably just worn out, and after many attempts to save it with chargers/trickle chargers, it would only come back to life well enough to start immediately and then die within a week.

So a couple weeks back I bought a new one. Same exact model, and it's a Yuasa, which I assume is factory. It started up great the first day after I installed it, turned over a lot less before firing, sounded really healthy. And here I am a week later with a dead battery. :cry:

Nothing is running as far as mods to the electronics, no security (probably shouldn't say that, but I'm gonna get something), nothing at all as far as I'm aware. I know my Ducati ran an immobilizer for 24 hrs. after startup, but that was low draw and I never had any problems with it. I don't think MV has the same thing, but I don't know for sure.

Any suggestions? Is this a common problem with 04-05 brutes?
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