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Brutale 1000RR blinkers, tail tidy parts list and pictures

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Finally got done cleaning up the back end of my Nürburgring. I ordered the NRC blinkers, shorter titanium swingarm pinch bolts, Amazon plate bracket and mounting bolt led bulbs. My permanent plate hasn’t arrived yet so I haven’t installed the plate lights yet. The Amazon universal plate bracket fit the NRC rear blinker mounting bolt spacing like it was made for it! The plate is very clearly visible from the rear and easy to read.

here are the links to everything needed.

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I wish the EU cops had the same idea of what is visible and readable 😂
Ya you guys almost live in a communist regime when it comes to MOT rules and regulations! Here it’s good to go as long as your plate is lit and visible from behind. Our bikes aren’t even subject to inspections of any kind on an annual basis. Only vehicles need to be smog checked periodically and even then, it’s not an inspection of modifications. It’s just to check how much your car pollutes and if it’s within acceptable levels.
I was just looking at a 11 page pdf of requirements for motorcycle inspections in the state of Pennsylvania. 11 pages of small print concerning all sorts of safety requirements. So no the US is not a free for all, not in the least.
Hyper-Leftist states always have stricter policies. They suck the fun out of everything. California is no better. Any aftermarket exhaust is a ticket there regardless of noise level. A buddy of mine got a ticket on his car for having aftermarket exhaust tips! And a judge upheld the ticket!!!!!! I was in court with him. Then there’s states like AZ that care very little and cops in general aren’t assholes. I love AZ and don’t regret leaving California one bit!
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So what happens if you visit California and are registered in Arizona?
If something is explicitly legal in AZ and not in California, in most cases you get a pass if you are a visitor. For example front driver and passenger window tints are legal in AZ up to 30%. In California no amount is legal. Also in California you have to have a front license plate on your car, AZ doesn’t even issue a front plate. These kinds of things you get a pass on as a visitor. Not sure you would get a pass on loud exhausts and such. Tail tidy’s are ok in cali though. Same rules as AZ. As long as the plate is lit and can be seen clearly it’s good to go.
Arizona built a wall to contain their citizens.
We just need one built between AZ and CA!
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plate came. Wired up the plate lights. Cleared the hugger just fine at that angle.

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Now all you need is a few turns in the road. Looks good.
Road selection in AZ is limited. I ride every weekend. This weekend I’ll be hitting the twistiest road available. This bike belongs on the track. I’ll be tracking it soon also.
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