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Just wanted to share this with you people,

I had my F4 done in Februari this year at a place called motoport Leek (guess only the Dutch people might know this place).

They performed a major service on my bike, but strangly enough it never run good, using fuel like a drunken bastard etc.
Reason that I went there is that (even today) I still have a warranty there.

Brought it to another place (Dipi-moto, great guys) and they told me that there were a lot of things on the bike that are not correct.

Below list is the short version (most important things):

Rear wheel bearing almost destroyed.
Front wheel bearings severly damaged.
Broken EBS relais (again, after only 3 months)
Top fairing was damaged during removal (never noticed it, but had to be fixed).
Broken clutch cylinder.
Valve clearance has never ever been checked at all.
Never changed the fuel filter, the one inside was from 2004 (first major service, so should be done).


Need to say more?

It is all fixed now at a cost (2500 Euro's) but damn, if someone tells you that they can do the maintance on your bike, you don't expect something like this.
They used to be MV dealer as well with the same mechanics around.

Just a warning for the Dutch guys (or the ones visiting Holland), never ever go to motoport Leek, go to Dipimoto, great guys, called them Tuesday, could bring the bike the next day, now that is great service :)

Oh yeah, thanks for reading, had to get this of my chest :)

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I guess we all just take for granted that the dealer is going to do what they say they will. A person shouldn't have to stand over their shoulder and watch every move. Have you talkied to the service manager about getting a refund for the services not recieved ?

Fortunately I can turn a wrench and have the time to make my own service adjustments. I only go to a mechanic when the task is outside my abilities.

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I know. Dipi is a great place and Bas, who runs it (he follows this forum so be warned) is a great guy.

I bought my F4('s) at Dipi's and never had less than great, knowledgeable and friendly service.

I live in Amsterdam, which is a 125 km (90 mins) ride (it's on the Belgian border), but if push comes to shove Bas will drive up to Amsterdam at night to pick up a dead bike or deliver a new or healed one as well.

Motoport for an MV? Yuck...

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I've given up on most bike mechanics. The Ducati dealership messed up my new bike probably as much as you can mess up a new bike. The MV dealership i used to get my MV serviced at wasn't much chop either.

I do all the basic stuff myself now. I'll take the bike to the mechanic down the road (who actually knows what he is doing) for anything beyond my poor skill level. When you find a decent mechanic, stick with them!

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i feel for you.....i've been spinning wrenches for a long time....

you drive a car....and it breaks..... you call a tow truck

you have a boat ....and it breaks.... if you're lucky, the Coast Guard will save you

you have an're lucky, if you can call anybody!

motorcycles are kind of like airplanes......

NOBODY, touches my bikes.....its MY ASS that will hit the road!!!!!

as i said before, everyone on this forum is welcome to use my fully equipped shop, gratis...

diagnostic tool, m16 ECUs only, so far...
most of the factory tools, not the trans jig though....stupid expensive lol....

lunch is on are drinks afterward.....lolol!!!!

you're in SoCal or passing through call me 310-540-4823
there are ~8 MVs within a couple of miles

if you're passing through LA and need secure parking......Mr. Glock is always watching....his friends, the HydraShock brothers are here with him....all i ask, is if your bike is incontinent.....let me know, don't want to ruin the

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