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If you're going to bleed it might as well change the fluid too....

only extra tool needed a 2"+ C clamp and a < 30mm washer

remove the slave , put tape on the outside of the slave to protect it from the clamp

put the washer on the piston to protect the center seal from the clamp

mount the clamp and SLOWLY COMPRESS THE PISTON

going fast CAN CAVITATE the fluid going through the banjo fitting causing foam

Now most of the dirty fluid and air are in the M/C......

take a metal object and tap on the clutch line starting at the slave .... you're trying to

dislodge bubbles

remove the M/C cover and remove all the old fluid and wipe the reservoir

with a lint free cloth.....

refill the reservoir with new DOT 4 fluid

on B4s turn the bars to the right to put the return port at the high spot with F4s you'll

probably have to remove the M/C...

lightly pump the lever 8-10mm, continue until there are no bubbles remount M/C

attach a bleed hose to the slave bleed fitting ....bleed until you get clean fluid

remove the clamp......pump the lever until the slave piston sticks out a few mm

zip tie the lever part way down......rebleed the slave using the clamp, remove the clamp

remount the slave, cut the zip tie, refiill the reservoir, pump slave up, check fluid level

air hides in 3 places M/C, slave and the 3mm bore of the bleed fitting

I just covered it all....

think like a bubble :)

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