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Hi Guys..

Last year around this time, me and my friends visited the Guzzi museum.

This year we're attending the Classic Bikers Day weekend at Imola..

It's the 200 Miglia :yo:

The Good and the Great will be there (unfortunately, CAG & Noel won't be there, as the organisers couldn't afford their attendance fee :))..

However, these guys will:

Kenny Roberts 3 USA Yamaha 0W60 83 500cc
Christian Sarron 1 F Yamaha OW31 77 750cc
Giacomo Agostini 15 I Yamaha 0W29 70 750cc
Marco Lucchinelli 1 Suzuki XR34 H 80 500cc
Paul Smart I Ducati 750S 70 750cc

I'll be at the circuit on Saturday and Sunday, so please PM me before this Thursday if your going to be at the event. It would be nice to meet up and have a drink.

I'm going with some friends over the weekend and we'll also be visiting the Ducati factory and museum for a tour..

Booo, Hisss .. I know it's not the MV factory :cry:..

I'll try and get some nice photos and post them up on my return for those who might be interested.

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