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Sorry for the blah blah.... just wanted to share.
Last week i attended for the first time this season the bike night in Lowell, MA. and let me tell you i loved every minute of it.
Of course there were ppl saying "hey look at that ducati" SMH, and when i parked it. ppl would approach the bike saying, WOW
thats nice, WTF kind of bike is that, Never heard of Agusta MV(he was looking at it from the brake side, lol), OMG! look at the exhaust,
a lot of Carbon wow and so on and so on. Well i had a smile from ear to ear because while all this is going on im sitting down about
15' behind the bike on a bench, just laughing. staff of the event came to my bike and started taking pictures, so i asked, whats going on?
they ask me if i was the owner, said yes and they tell me, Sir we are making your bike, "BIKE OF THE WEEK". wow i was super happy.
it brings me back to, yeah these bikes give you sometimes a little headache but MV owners love their bikes because of its "motorcycle art"
yeah i know guys, my bike is not as nice as the design corse, motocorse or castles' bikes, Carl's veltrat or andrew's, or a lot of members on this forum....
also thanks to several members of this forum that have helped me with the process of making my bike the way it is.(you know who you are!) i love my bike and i'm definitly a
Proud Mv Owner. and yes MV USA i bought it used! lol.

on the links below one is just one of the bike of the week on their website

this one is just of more pics of my bike and a good amount of everything else in the event.

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Don't make me post a picture of my trophy......

Carlos, I will make it up there with you one day, and we'll give'em hell!
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