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After 9 weeks of placing my order for a Carbonvani front fender for the Dragster, I received what is probably the worst carbon fiber I have ever seen. The fender did not even come close to fitting correctly and no modification could have corrected it. Bellissimoto tried to get Carbonvani to correct it but they refused to accept there was anything wrong, even after seeing the pictures below. Bellissimoto returned my money saying that Carbonvani never did agree to correct this.

Attached please find photos of the OEM MV Agusta Dragsrer front fender side by side with the Carbonvani front fender. These pictures clearly show how different these fenders are, in particular the design differences shown in Photo 4.

Photo 1 - Shows the relative size difference. The Carbonvani is larger all around. (OEM on the right)

Photo 2 - Another photo showing the size differences. I put a bolt through the bottom hole on both fenders connecting them to demonstrate the longer leg on the Carbonvani fender. This is one of the reasons the Carbonvani fender sits high (OEM on the left)

Photo 3 - Close up showing the longer legs on the Carbonvani fender. The Carbonvani leg is also twisted inward incorrectly (OEM on the left)

Photo 4 - This shows the main design difference and another reason the Carbonvani fender sits higher. The OEM fender leg has an open sleeve that wraps around the fork fender connector arm, whereas the Carbonvani fender has a closed sleeve design where the top of the sleeve rests on the top of the fork fender connector arm pushing the fender upward. (OEM on the left)

Photo 5 - Shows how the Carbonvani fender sits too high due the closed sleeve design and that the holes are not aligned to connect to the forks fender connector arms.


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I not sure why my photos are being denied.
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Pretty obvious they have a dimensional problem !!! :wtf:
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