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I was under the impression that this was more of a problem with the hotter cams found in F4s.

But now I've come across two cases of the original silver tensioner getting stuck, instead of the catastrophic failure around the latch axle pin hole in the tensioner frame, more common to the 1000's I believe.

2004 and 2005 B4 750, both at second valve clearance check, turned out to have the tensioner plunger stuck in place.
The plunger had plenty of stroke left but the spring couldn't force it to move outwards.

It appeared that the latch was sort of upset forged by the pounding it receives from the whipping of the chain and once the length decreased it started to turn in the direction it's not supposed to go, finally sticking in place wedged between the plunger teething and the axle pin.
Outcome was that the plunger movement in either direction was disabled.
Pulling by hand did not loose the plungers in either of the cases.

Both bikes had the uprated 8000A5206 tensioner going in anyways, so no harm done.

But it is worth checking the 750 tensioners as well and IMHO upgrade it just to be sure.
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