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@mvferr: Can you please put your bike year and model in your signature though USER CP? Barring that, could you start your question with I have a _____(MY) ________(model) and .....

It will help us help you.

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Have read about others changing the suspension and having it done by "guru's" so perhaps we could start a listing to help others, or confuse?
I set mine up with trial and error over 5 months doing one small change at a time and is set for twisty tight mountain range riding, I am 85kgs ready to ride.
Measurements are listed by same method as per the owners manual.
I found the standard settings too soft for my liking, could get a bit of a wallow up but now is firm and stable and as a bonus it does not
headshake anywhere as much as before - no steering damper fitted.


Preload = 9 turns
Rebound = 0.5 turn
Compression = 2.5 turns

Preload = 2 turns harder from standard approx 14mm of thread above locknut
Rebound = 1 turn
Compression = 1.5 turns

Hi mate Just starting to dial in my 2018 800rr suspension, I have ridden on factory settings so far up to Townsville from Brisbane and would like try and sort out a bit more compliance particularly in the rear as it is pretty harsh at present.i checked this thread and noted your post was a while ago have you found out anything new to add ?
I will sort rear sag out to start with, then mess with the front as per your suggestion riders weigh 80kg really looking forward to a run up the gillies 馃 have you had much to do with bike craft in cairns they are apparently my service and warranty guys . My 750 F4 was the best handling motorcycle I鈥檇 ever ridden till I got this new thing wow it鈥檚 impressive and a ton of fun too.

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I run the front as it is in the owners manual.
Quite satisfying.

But the rear was horrible, tried compression down to zero, had then to ad some rebound.
I ride a lot in the Italian Alps, streets there are somewhat "special", every few hundred 100 m you got different asphalt.
No way to have the rear adjusted to these conditions.

So I went for a Wilbers (German brand) rear shock.
Not stiff now, but much more feeling for the rear. Problems with short impacts on the back is solved - bike stays quiet. Does not behave like a Mustang...
And no pumping on the rear when hard on thottle - rebound still strong.

Still have the Andreani cardridges for the fork in the Garage, will put them in after rding season.....

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hi there
I'm using Ackers setup and it far more better than original setup. thanks.

but I have a problem with the forks... they are toooooooo soft, previoulsy I installed ohlins cartridges, but I wanted to sell the bike so I removed (and sell) and then I think I'm gonna stay a bit longer with the bike, so I would like to change spring and oil. Do you know where I can find springs for this model ? mine is a Brutale 800 2013.

thanks !
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