Up for sale is a brand new SC-Project S1 titanium & carbon slipon. It's still in the original box and is actually the official MV branded version (oem p/n's 8A00C4680, 8000C4681 and 8Y00C5566) which even includes the race ecu (presumably the ecu will not work on the 675's but might/should work on all of the 800s. Pure speculation on my part, so more knowledgeable folks are welcome to chime in, YMMV, etc).

It's an utterly gorgeous exhaust and weighs absolutely nothing. Includes all paperwork, installation hardware, the ecu and the slipon. Hit me up with any questions, more pics, shipping quotes or anything else.

(and in case you're curious: I originally picked it up for my wife's B675 - got a deal on it - but never got around to installing it before we decided to sell the bike.)