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I've been doing a fair bit of touring the last two years and have been refining my luggage setup for some time. I've come up with a really good solution that suits me perfectly. Posting up here so that others can see options if they are looking to go touring.


Kriega US-30 Dry bag with a Nelson-Rig CL-1060 Tailbag on top. I managed to find a cardboard box that just fits into the US-30. It's kept permanently inside so that the straps are always tight and that you don't have to 're-strap' if you remove or add something during touring. Big enough for a weeks worth of clothes. I can squeeze in my tent, sleeping bag, air mattress and air pillow as well (totally full then) with a change of clothes in the tailbag for overnight camping.

To properly secure the Kriega to the rear, the front straps use the conventional Kriega loops that are secured under the seat. To properly secure the rear, I made two rear brackets that fasten on to the rear using the existing rear tail tidy / tail section bolts. You need to get slightly longer bolts than the oem to accommodate the additional bracket thickness.

The bracket viewed from underneath


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