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NO I'm not selling my beloved F3.

Was just at Ride Motorcycles in Woodbridge, Ontario for a check up on some minor bad paint work, and some MV Course accessories.

On my tank there's something like a tiny wart on the tank (paint or bad molding process), and some SERIOUS "orange peels" on the right fairing.

I was told by my Salesman Greg, and Service Advisor Jason that this should be under warranty without any issues. Jason will also be looking into the MV Course exhaust system to see when it'll be available and if additional tuning will be required. They were very helpful as always, and told me that when I hit the 1000kms, bring it in for my first oil change. They have oil filters in stock.

When comparing my minor defected parts to another White F3 in the showroom, I noticed that one is still not sold. So anyone looking for a 2013 White F3 you know where to find one with impeccable service to go with it.
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