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Hello all, havnt been on lately, spine troubles. ANYHOW.... Has anyone seen Moto2 testing results ?
Curious how well the new KTM moto2 bike faired. In the past read how the steel trellis chassis was great until around 200hp. Over 200hp, the chassis cant be tuned correctly. Well the MV F4RC surpassed the 200HP ark and is the best handling bike on the WSBK grid. Moto2 bikes are only putting out roughly 130-135 hp so by conventional chassis tuning rule of thumb ,the KTM should be in the hunt for wins from the start of the 2017 season. ( KTM well funded factory team racing mostly against privateer teams help matters)
BUT if you remember, the 1st year of Moto2 other teams tried running steel tube chassis only to change over to Aluminum twin spar box section chassis stating the steel tube chassis was out of date and not competitive.
Conflicting reports to be sure. I will be rooting for KTM in Moto2
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