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I was searching some older posts looking for suspension options and had come across this thread:

In post #47 Djester provides a link to and their Mupo products. I hadn't heard of Mupo before, so I checked out and sent an email to Lee at Lemick about Mupo options for my Brutale (fork carts and rear shock).

Lee's response was very thorough and detailed. He knows the OEM 'zoke fork, is a 'zoke dealer and has a set (RAC50 I think) on his track bike. He seems to very much know his stuff and additionally, is willing to take the time to talk and answer questions. He is also an Elka dealer and can get Ohlins as well, but had some very positive things to say about Mupo. Lee says that Mupo will custom valve and provide dyno result for each shock.

I don't know Lee, had never heard of Lemick Racing (Wrightwood, CA), and have never tried Mupo products. But if you are interested in suspension options, you might find his knowledge helpful.

I just wanted to pass this along and hope someone might find it useful.

Cheers! :smoking:
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