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I'm fortunate have Thursdays off so I get to ride when most others are working. Helps keep traffic down on the mountain roads I ride. Today, I decided to head up Hwy 20, otherwise known as the North Cascades Hwy. It runs from the coastal plain in Washington up and over the Cascade Mountains to eastern Washington and beyond.

Cool and overcast near the coast but became sunny and warm once I reached the mountains. Lots of roadwork going on and some of the new pavement is anything but smooth. Local contractors cutting corners to maximize profits most likely!

Once I hit the mountains the traffic dropped off except for some motorhomes and trailers that were easy work for the MV to pass. Hwy 20 is a beautiful ride and there are plenty of opportunities to stop, stretch the legs and take some pics. Only problem is you have to re-pass the slow vehicles again.:thewife: Nice to have lots of power on hand.

Turned around near the top of the mountains as there were dark thunderheads up ahead and I didn't want to get caught in the rain. Made it home after running about 5 hours and 240 miles. Glad to be back home but already looking forward to the next ride.:mouthwate


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