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Hello guys !

I give my feedback on the installation of Manfred's fan blades WITHOUT FLUSHING THE COOLING SYSTEM

It took me 2h30 hours because of one fan motor fastening screw :ROFLMAO:

After removing the side fairings, front fairing and air tubes, I loosen the top left fastening screw of the top rad.
Unhook everything you can from the cooler rads (except hoses if you don't want to flush the system)

Personnally I couldn't unhook the top right bracket of the top water rad (in the driving direction).
So I struggled unscrewing/screwing the top left fastening screw of the top fan motor (in the driving direction).

Besides that, it's super easy. Plus, Manfred provides a quick installation guide.

The smaller fan blades go on the top fan motor, and the bigger fan blades go on the bottom fan motor.

Just be careful with the wiring cables that power the fan motors. Increase the cleareance if necesarry to avoid the blades to cut the wiring cables. (pictures 7 and 8)

And test them. I ran the engine until the fans come on. And the airflow seems to be better.

Nice conception @Manfred !


81 - 82 of 82 Posts