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MV Agusta Manufacturing List - What they built, when they built it.

************ agusta.htm************

Beware !!!
Some MV Batteries go in on their side. Take note of the polarity BEFORE and AFTER swapping batteries.

Beware !!!
1999-2009 Brutale owners. Re-glue your headlight lens, they fall out and cost a fortune.

A must have for pre 2010 F4's. Jo's bloody great radiator support bracket.

1. MV Agusta Frequently asked questions, for 1999-2009 models.

2. Installing 3rd Radiator Fan on 1999-2009 models F4

3.Alternative Starter Relay Option F4 & B4 99-09 .

4. How to install Mitchy's hub.

5. Relocate rear brake master cylinder reservoir.

6. Reconditioning Ohlins steering damper F4 <Y10 .

7. F4 & B4 99-09 Replacing a Timing Chain Tensioner.

8. F4 & B4 99-09 Replacing Waterpump Impellar.

9. F4 <Y10 Installing manual fan override switch.

10. F4 & B4 99-09 Replacing Gearbox gear selector return spring.

11. Installing Muzzy fans and new Coolant on Brutale.

12. Most MV's, list updating all the time - Installing heavy duty battery cables, to cure hot start problems.

13. Fuel line replacement and Modification, and removal of Carbon canister. F4 & B4 99-09.
Another help for fitting exchange only. -

14. Diagnostic Software for 1.6M ECU and EPROM.

15. F4 & B4 99-09 Modified kick stand.

16. F4 & B4 99-09 Installing Design Corse Waterpump.

17. F4 & B4 99-09 Fuel pump wiring colours.

18. 09-99 Brutale SPU serial and part number identification.

19. Fuel Filter Replacements for Mahl KL145 (confirmed):
WIX 33032
NAPA Gold 3032
Both around US$6

20. F4 & B4 99-09 Rebuilding rear suspension linkage.

21. Installing EVR slipper clutch on Brutale 1078

22. Breaking in a modern motorcycle

23. CAG's helpful header thread for Pre-2010 bikes.

24. Options for fuel line fittings. -

25. F4 & B4 1078 Slipper Clutch Overhaul.

26. OEM bearing replacement in pre 2010 hub.

27. Oil change tips and guide.

28. F4 & B4 99-09 Alternative Oil Pressure Sensor.

29. Thermostatic fan switch installation.

30. 99-09 F4 750 to 1000 Frame swap.

31. Rubber Well Nut Options for ALL models

32. Shim Kit

33. Fuel Hose Options.
Internal -
External -

34. Fuel Injectors.

37. Clic-R Hose Clamps and Pliers -
Clamps - and

38. F4 & B4 99-09 Gearbox Removal.

39. Re-wire (Beru) stick coil options.


41. How to install >10 DC Hub on <10 bike.

42. How to install <10 DC hub on <10 bike.

43. F4 & B4 99-09 Replacement or Alternative Headlight and Fan Relay.

45. The F4 99-09 Exhaust Tailpipe Gutting or modifying threads.

46. F4 1000S EBS relay reverse engineered.

47. Front wheel bearing sizes - Old and New Models.
Post 2010 B4 and all F4's - 6005-2RS (25x47x12)
Pre 2010 B4 and all F4's - 6907-2RS (35x55x10)

48. Front wheel bearing change tips - Old and New Models. See attachment at bottom of list.

49. <2010 F4 and B4 Gearbox selector torsion spring alternatives.
Will work on some >2010 B4's also, maybe F4's but not sure as yet.

50. Upgraded gear selector spring from 2010 B4, suitable fron F4 anf B4 pre- 2010 also.


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Please guys, if any of these links have disappeared or pictures are gone from threads, let us know so we can look into repairing or replacing them.

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Hey Donsy,
Can't get the link to work for #32 the shim kit.

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Hey D, maybe you help me as there has been no reply in the other thread, do you know if the F4 1000 exhaust set up is the same from 2010 to 2013 (except for the slightly different muffler design) :jsm::jsm::jsm::jsm:

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Hi mods, Any chance we could have the details of Adam's data logger features and user guide placed in this section? I think the 16M diagnostics thread is very large now and it makes it difficult to wade through for small bits of info on things like the data logger.

I know there is a datalogger thread:

But it has not been updated in some time.
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