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I have an idea:

Since there are about 4of us driving down, with a few spouses in tow, I decided to check the cost of an RV Rental.

We can get a 30 foot RV that sleeps 8. We can tow 2500 pounds behind it. Chris can bum a trailer large enough to carry all the bikes.

So far it's me, cdamb, 910Rwannabe, and Spartacus. There is CAG's wife, cdamb's main sqeeze and Mrs. Spartacus. That's 7. Now I have no intention of sleeping in the damn thing once I get to Atlanta, but if any else wants to you can and it would save you the cost of the hotel. Further more, we would not need to stop and spend the night between here and Atlanta. With that many people, we could drive right through and get to Randy's in time for breakfast. (What a nice surprise for him!)

We each chip in for fuel, we can bring food and drinks and those that are not driving or navigating can play cards or whatever.

Are you in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia etc? Want to go to this thing but don't feel like driving there yourself? Let me know. You can climb aboard.

The cost for the largest one they have is $937. That includes everything but gas and tolls. Less than $250 for each of us and if we can get one or two more it is even cheaper.

What do y'all think?
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