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Hi all, new to these forums so be nice :)

Recently purchased an F4 312R, still running it in. Am based in Australia, have got the guys from coming to install alarm/tracking system in the bike at end of week, and after speaking to their installation manager I am not exactly filled with confidence that they are going to do things... well.. right. They have admited they havent seen the bike before and have only installed mostly on R1s and blades to date. They say they only need 3 wires positive, ground and a way to kill the ignition, I have been going through the supplied wiring diagram on the CD that came with the bike and have come to the following conclusions:

  • Best place to get power is straight from battery
  • Ground can come from chassis
But im at a complete loss as to where to put the "kill" component. Any ideas? Does any one know how the factory alarm option (course) connects? (or have a wiring diagram for it). They also state that there alarm has a battery backup that, if the bike is going to be stored, needs to be plugged in to the charger, this supposedly will keep the bakup battery charged AND the bike battery charged, should I be concerned about this conflicting with the charging harness and adapter already supplied with the bike?

Thanks in advanced for any advice.

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