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Ago vs. Senna and values

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Ok, so I have been shopping for my next MV, and have narrowed it down to 2:

) 05' Ago
) 06-07' Senna

Now, I have seen some CRAZY prices on both of these, so how do you guys come up with a decent value? KBB does trade in and retal value on both, but everything I have seen is above their retail value. I'm not talking about a 0 mile bike either, 1500-3000 miles. Now the retail value from KBB on an 05' Tamburini seems spot on @ $25k... so why am I not finding an Ago or Senna close to this value?

I am also leaning a little more towards a Senna for the suspension and brake goodies that I don't think the 05' Ago got.

Any help would be appreciated. I am getting close, but I don't want to over-pay on my next MV.
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Go with the senna. If you can find one that is.
Yes, Senna.
I found a 2007' Senna in Orlando, FL not too far from me that I decided to purchase. It was listed on Ebay a couple times, and this last time I made the seller an offer that he accepted. Will be picking it up soon, just want to see the bike first and make sure all is in order. I believe it is #287... I'm excited
Well... Congratulations! You got yourself one of the most beautiful bikes ever made!!!
it's not the one that was listed for $40,000 a few months ago I hope
it's not the one that was listed for $40,000 a few months ago I hope
Uh, no... lol. I don't have that much $$ to spend, lol. It was under $20k I'll say that for now :)
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