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As those of you who consume credible media may have heard motor racing legend Stirling Moss died earlier this week, from natural causes.

This post was inspired by a Charles Wooley story in the Hobart Mercury 18/4/20 titled 'Who did he think he was?' about a Tasmanian connection.

Moss was accident prone, and quit racing early, as he said '... before I kill myself and maybe someone else.'

In 1992 Moss came to Tasmania on the quite, sponsored by Ford Australia to win the Targa Tasmania (a race on closed public roads) driving a new Falcon XR8.

Moss was 'practicing', a euphemism for going like mad, on a NW Tassie country road, when a Toyota Corona with a couple in it came the other way at 80kph. (I'll bet Toyota are glad they don't make that model anymore). As anyone who has done it knows, you really take your chances going quick in the country, agriculture machinery tends to be very large and unyielding, and the locals are not real good at staying on their own side of the road.

The impact speed was estimated to be 230kph, and luckily no one was killed. Moss was later found guilty of not keeping left. The driver of the other vehicle, who was born in Tasmania, was Sir Kenneth Murray, 12th Earl of Dunmore and Chief of Clan Murray.

The Earl Dunmore believes the local mythology about the crash to be true, that when the coppers arrived, one of them said to Moss, 'Mate, who do you think you are, Stirling Moss?
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