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Hi all
I am going to try to explain what my feeling were during a day in NOGARO (south France) race track.
It was the first time I was going to ride a racing bike on a circuit; I was used to ride my previous Ducati and the Brutale 910, but never racing bikes..I did not know what really was and how it feels over 136 hp :D :D I was a little bit :errr: and a little bit :ahhh:

But at the same time I was confidence and trying to focus myself in not visiting the green area outside the track limits. hihihi!!!!

NOGARO circuit is very particular due to the big variety of curves, but at the same time it does not take too many turns to get use to the track (it is completely flat) so you can see early in advance what is comming next.

The real dificulty for me was not the track itself but the F4R. Unable to predict what was over 7000 rpm and the reactions of the F4R if I rise the "VOLUME" :D I decided to ride safe for a while and find myself on the motorcycle.

I did not pay attention to all japanese motorcycles around passing like rockets. I was feeling good on the F4R enjoying the acceleration and the powerful brakes.

As the day passed by, I tried go a little bit faster and it was around midday and riding harder when I realize how different it is from previous motorcycles I have owned. This "lady" here can put you into hyper-space in a matter of seconds...uuhhffff!!! NOGARO has a long strait of about 850 meters and it is amazing to see how easy you can reach 240 km/h and then BREMBO shows up and put you back to normallity in a matter of seconds..hihi!!!!

At the end of the day I realized of what test riders say that sports bikes are driven with the front wheel....when you put the brembo´s to work before curves, and when you enter the curves, it feels like if there were not rear wheel all the preassure and the braking power is in the front wheel who at the same allows you to take the curve successfully.

This F4R is a real rocket, displaying stability all the way. She has only one problem....if you are not careful with the gas, she can give you hard times.

In conclusion, I did enjoy the ride very much and even more when I took the B910 for the last turns of the a way to escape from all precautions taken with the F4R, meaning that my lovely B910 eventhough she is less powerfull, she is a lot fun all the time. What a motorcycle the B910...for those of you who never tested a B910 in a track, you don´t know what you are missing!!!!

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