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Just wanted to post on here and say a massive thank you to JimboF4 and Merc07 (Jim and Adam) for their help with regards to the EPROM for my F4.

After buying the silmoto's and PC3, and having doubts about the race chip that was supplied with them, Jim sent me an genuine RG3 chip for the 750 he had, and didn't want a penny for it - he also sent me a copy of the MV uk owners club mag for nothing too - I am going to subscribe Jim, but I'm in the middle of moving house at the moment, so I'm afraid it hasn't been top of my list!

When the chip in question didn't work in my bike, Adam offered to read the chip that had been supplied with my new exhausts, as the rev limiter appeared to be set very high. I sent him both chips, which he read, and then adjusted the rev limiter on the race chip, along with a couple of other variables in the EPROM that i asked to be changed.

Along with a PC3 and a base F4 750 map for the PC3, it has removed the throttle snatch, and has completely transformed the throttle response. After going out today, I realised I was no longer thinking about the throttle, and it has made riding the gal so much more enjoyable.

Another huge thank you for your help guys, you've immeasurably increased the pleasure i get from my dream bike.

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