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96 Rwhp

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Gentleman is trying to sell me on his F4, MY 2000. The dyno says 96 RWHP. That seems rather excessively low. What say them?
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Either a really tired engine or a really tired dyno.....or the fueling is awful.

Or maybe a truthful dyno?? Dyno readings can vary a lot depending on type and operator. HP readings for bikes should only be compared when they are from the same dyno.

Ferraci's dynos are notoriously optimistic.....
Stock for the 2000 is 126 at the crank if I remember correctly. I thought you usually loose about 15 between RWHP, so yeah seems low to me too. You shouldn't be loosing 30HP to final drive.
If 126 at crank was published stock, then it sounds low. Most dynos put RWHP at 83-87% of crank, in my experience.
My 2000 996 made around 117 RWHP...

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Based on Ducati Indy's dyno.

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It's low but not massively low. I've seen anywhere from 102 up to 108 bhp at the wheel from an evo1 f4.

They aren't the best engine with regards to power but they do respond well to tuning and you can creep them up to just under 130 at the wheel.

96 is low. What dyno was used?

watch out for cam trouble, it will effect power drastically. Specially if one or more cam lobe is almost gone.
If you get it you can change your signature to reflect that you own the lowest powered F4 in the forum. :loser:
It might be a restricted 100Hp model, France and Switzerland had a law until recently of max 100Hp motorcycles. I'm sure you can check it with VIN.
I'd recall German importers allso had a "Gentleman's agreement" on 100bhp limit back in the day, hence many a bike bought seecond hand from there could still be restricted.

Thank god that corrupt creep Martin Bangemann and his click did not succeed in getting such limit to be a part of EU legislation.
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