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Is there a guide on what mv parts are interchangeble between models , handy for all of us, it seems like this is common with mv more than other jap brands to use the same parts on several models

e.g. 2010+ 1090, 990, 920 share most parts (95%+?)? my understanding is the only real differences is the actual capacity

Can I also ask how compatible are parts off 2010+ F4's are stuff like rearsets interchangeable or any of the other models at the time?
what years etc too

I live in australia so ebay is basically my best bet for parts and knowing what i can get that will work on the 920 is handy

like its easier to find a f4 rearset for cheap than a brutale same with levers , are they the same for 2010+ ?

cheers again . love the bike and the forum
-- off topic --
on the total off chance , in this site some time back someone linked a corsa seat that is compatible with my model (banana seat) but its no longer on the site , is there anywhere you can still get this ? the owner before me didnt clip the seat in propperly several times so the plastic hooks that go under the 2 square hooks on the bike are slightly bent , have tried bending them back but may just get a new seat , because the seat was not put on propperly its worn a couple holes in the paint , small but annoying
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