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A cheaper Brutale as a 920 and a dark? Really? Can't say I'm excited about MV doing the "dark" thing like Ducati; seems like they're copying. Article says "entry level"... "most manageable engine ever"...
The Seat is a 1 pc seat? Indicators aren't in the mirrors. You have 2 different engine maps to flip between...
Forks have more dampening for less experienced riders? Did I mention its only 920cc and less hp than my 910? ...course I'm under no delusions that I can use it all anyway. ...but still!

Article says 11,999 Euro and by my calculation (thanks to google) translates 15.8K USD. Isn't that roughly the price of the 990R, or is this replacing it? Anyone know? The bike feels like a big step backward for the price just at face value, but maybe its just me.

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I saw the article, monkey see monkey do. I like matt black bikes. I think it looks nice and is a good a idea to make an entry level bike. That price is for the EU market. The US market sells them cheaper. What if they bring the brutale triple out too. What is going to happen? too many brutales.:ahhh:

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It is not going to be 15.8k $, you can not convert it that way, it will be way cheaper in US. Calcualte your own percentage between this and 1090 you will get the idea.

This bike doesn't replace any Brutale, it's just a new entry level bike, that's all. And where do you read Dark? It will be called Brutale 920. And it will be white too.

I think this is a good move for the company, to attract more buyers. New Kawa Z1000SX costs over 11k € in my country, but in other country it is much more expensive, even more than this 920 will be. Maybe more Europe buyers will buy Europe bikes? I hope.

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remember this is a great way for mv to get a fan base of new riders, right now all their bikes with the cheapest being 15k is not that attainable by everyone at least not enought people to keep afloat well financially as they go bankrupt every 8 years or so.

also so many people mod the heck out of their brutales or such that making a cheaper version isn't that bad, its only what a 6hp loss or something under the 990? spend the money you saved on carbon or a full ti exhaust that is what they are going for now, ducati figured that out years ago and it works, people buy the dark or entry level models and they then actually race or mod them to cost literally thousands more and the company makes a huge profit on it, that can't be bad for the health of the company you like.

also i noticed that they said the seat is not only lower but narrower, wonder if that 1 piece lower seat will fit on the other new 2010 models in other words i see them taking back that extra 1 inch they raised the new brutales, thus again it means they can sell a "lower seat height" aftermarket mod to all the people like me that want a slightly lower brutale but don't want to mess with suspension.

don't worry them having a 920 will not "devalue" your 990 or 910, you will still have "the better" bike overall and be able to tell that everyone you know if you need to do that. and they are not making the bike so cheap that its going to become common, its not 8k yet. and i personally don't see a 3 cylinder brutale for at least 3-4 years coming out.

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So I see that they solved the rear seat flying off problem.

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Did I mention its only 920cc and less hp than my 910? ...course I'm under no delusions that I can use it all anyway. ...but still!

The MV Agusta model line-up is expanding with the introduction of the new BRUTALE and the 920
engine. This incredible naked has enamored the motorcycle world with its unique design that has
been to date unequaled. Ever since its introduction the BRUTALE has continued to be the leader in
both design and performance. With the launching of the new BRUTALE, the most beautiful and
powerful naked is now within reach of an even larger number of riders whom have always dreamed of
experiencing the emotions only the BRUTALE can deliver. A new engine, new chassis settings, a onepiece
seat design with a focus on comfort, the BRUTALE offers a new interpretation of a high
performance naked. A motorcycle that offers aggressive styling and raw performance matched with an
intuitive chassis. A Brutale that is always incredible easy to ride and has never been this comfortable
and intuitive.
On a cost per performance basis, the BRUTALE is without a doubt the new reference in the naked
sport category. A technologically advanced 4 cylinder engine with radial intake and exhaust valves
coupled with the same advanced engine control unit as the 1090RR together with one of the most
evolved chassis’s the BRUTALE is able to easily tame even the most demanding roads and racetracks.
This advanced performance is also coupled with a new look, with the color black dominating the new
styling of the radiator shrouds and seat. But, looks are not everything and a major focus was also
placed on rider comfort with a re-designed single seat that improves both rider and passenger
comfort during every day use.
The BRUTALE project continues to remain faithful to the original objectives, MV wanted to build the
most compact and light weight naked coupled with a superbike chassis together with raw engine
performance that would enamor even the most demanding motorcyclist.
The principle characteristics of the new BRUTALE are:
• Four cylinder engine with radial valves
• Magneti Marelli 5SM engine control module
• Traction control with 8 levels of intervention
• Tubular steel frame coupled with aluminum side plates for maximum torsional rigidity
• Single sided swingarm with a adjustable Sachs rear shock
• Marzocchi upside down 50mm adjustable front forks
• Brembo racing radial calipers
• New single piece seat that is both lower and narrower
The new BRUTALE is without a doubt Brutale, but at the same time this is a new interpretation of
the most admired naked in the world. The attention to detail is what makes this new model different
and even easier to use in everyday riding. The single piece seat is both more comfortable for the rider
as well as the passenger, the turn signals are no longer integrated into the mirrors but have been
placed in a position for better visibility during city traffic, the suspension is now softer and more
comfortable. A Brutale that is easier to use than ever before but with the same maniacal attention to
detail that one has come to expect from MV Agusta. Just one look at the tubular steel frame, the
anodized handlebars with pivoting clamps, the pure form of design of the shift and brake levers, the
single sided swingarm and unique wheels and it clear why the Brutale is the most beautiful naked in
the world.
The two available color schemes are black and white. The single sided swingarm along with the
unmistakable styling make this new BRUTALE unique. A masterpiece of Italian Design, the attention
to detail and monochromatic color schemes helps to highlight the technical details like the over-under
side mounted exhaust and the original MV Agusta frame design integrating tubular steel and aluminum
side plates.
The 4 cylinder 16 radial valve MV Agusta engine has reached a new level of evolution and technology.
The 921cc, a new engine displacement for Brutale, finds the perfect balance between power and
drivability. The new displacement of the legendary 4 cylinder is obtained with a new bore and stroke
ratio with a focus on optimizing the power curve of the BRUTALE to be even more manageable while
at the same time offering the class leading power. The new four cylinder MV Agusta matches 129
horsepower with a broad torque curve, incredible levels of power have never been this easy to
control. The crankshaft of the BRUTALE is shared with the 55mm stroke unit in the 1090RR as well
as the 2nd order engine balance shaft and the optimized oiling system and the oil cooled generator.
The BRUTALE has a number of dedicated engine components including the new cylinder block and
73mm pistons as well as a cooling system with the radiator catch tank which is now at the same
pressure as the atmosphere helping to keep the engine temperature under control even in the most
extreme track or city driving conditions. The intake system breaths through a bank of 46mm Mikuni
throttle bodies working together with the hyper sophisticated engine management system. The
Magneti Marelli 5SM ecu controls the fuel injection, ignition and the various maps. The double engine
map (Normal and Sport) allows the rider to tune the engine management system to the conditions
and coupled with 8 position variable traction control the BRUTALE can be ridden to the limit while
always remaining under control.
The BRUTALE shares its chassis configuration and geometry with the 990R and 1090RR as well as
most of the chassis components. The frame is a mixture of a steel trellis structure and lateral
aluminum plates that has become the trademark of MV Agusta since the first application on the F4, a
frame structure that has been continually copied but never equaled by other manufacturers. The
chassis dimensions are the same as on the other Brutale models offering a perfect dynamic balance
and a precise response to rider inputs. With a 1430 mm wheelbase, 25° steering head angle and 103,5
mm of trail the new BRUTALE offers without a doubt the best balance of agility and stability. A
technical feature the new BRUTALE is a new steering head which offers optimized rigidity for this
type of naked which will without a doubt become the new reference for easy handling. Coupled with
the revised steering head design is new suspension valving which is both softer and smoother to give
the maximum amount of feedback even to less experienced riders. But, make no mistakes, the new
BRUTALE is still Brutale, thanks to the infinite amount of tuning possible with the 50 mm Marzocchi
USD front forks and Sachs mono shock. With just a few clicks you can easily transform the BRUTALE
into a track weapon. BRUTALE is also known for its agility: coupled with the new Pirelli Angel tires
the feedback from the tarmac is always immediate and the 180/55 section rear tire aids in putting
down the 129 horsepower from the MV 4 cylinder engine. Performance of a supersport and handle of
a middleweight, the new BRUTALE from MV Agusta continues to redefine the naked sportbike

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Discussion Starter #15 (Edited) long as its an addition to the 990 and 1090. ...and as long as the B3 is still coming.

I'm really undecided. Great and needed for a company to expand customers, but it can dilute the brand if it comes at the expense of the character of the bike with an easy going bike. Then again, still has 129hp so not sure how easy nature that makes it. I am definitely interested in a B3, but not sure how that bike coming fits in with the 920. I hope its not in place of the B3!!

I do like the electronics to allow different engine mapping. The asphaltandrubber article posted by fazer6 cited 14,595 for this as estimated MSRP.... 990R is 15,000.
At that price point, I think I go with the 990R...

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i see them using this 920 as basically their stop gap between this year and next year and doing what ducati did for a while, which was put out too many mid level bikes just to tide them over until they figured out what they were going to do with the next engine size, ie, they did the s2r800 for a couple years then dropped it when they figured out all they needed was s4, 1000 and 695

my guess is that first they will see how this sells to gauge the "entry level" slightly cheaper brutal, it may not sell that great because its not much less than a 990r unless of course it comes in a full 1k-1.5k dollars cheaper then it is a bargain.

the f3 then comes out, everyone will either love or hate the new 3 cylinder, from that MV will decide if a b3 should be done.

I say if the f3 does well and the engine is liked the b3 then comes out at a price point lower than the 920 and either it goes like b3, 990r, 1090rr or b3, 920, 1090rr.

i see them dropping either the 920 or the 990, because they are so close in performance numbers and price, in a year IF they come out with a b3,

now if the f3 motor is a dog and everyone hates it, then the 920 will stay and probably even get cheaper.

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roadbiking - total agreement.
I'm not sure I totally understand where this fits in yet which is why I'm a bit mixed on it.
Feels very close to the 990 but toned down (like a dark), but at a similar price point and smaller engine. a possible bridge to test the waters while the 3 cylinder engine is flushed out, makes sense. I hope the price point is lower than 14,595 USD.

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I'm Confused

What am I missing here? Maybe I'm just old. I don't understand why you would build a bike that has such a small change in displacement, unless there is an expressed reason - GP race. I've always categorized bikes by significant changes in CCs (125, 250, 500, 600, 750, 1000). MV started with a 750, then 910, then 1078, then back to 920, and now 1000 and 990. They would have been better off utilizing the 920, 1000, and 990 resources on the new B3. The offer of different configurations (seat height) should be an option, much like BMW has on some of their bikes. We're going to need a HUGE excel spread sheet to identify what after market part fits which bike. Who wants to build a custom seat for a Brute when it will only fit one model for a given year? I vote for 3 models: 1000cc, 750cc, and 600cc (with a 5% delta).

Merry Christmas

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I think that they created this bike to be competition for standards like the new Speed Triple. The new Triple is €11,495 and the 920 is €11,990. The power outputs are similar. Since the B3 will be MVs answer to the Street Triple. Why not take on its bigger brother the Speed Triple also. Also, the price in the US will have to be lower than $14,595 for anyone to buy this over the 990. It is $1500 less in Canadian dollars on their website than the 990 so I would assume there would be similar price difference here in the US. I would think it would be somewhere in the low to mid thirteens. Of course, I am speculating and have absolutely no idea of what I am talking about.:blah:
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