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I was shopping in Tokyo Saturday, on the Kappabashi dogugai St
(Kitchen supplies area in Asakusa) and spotted in a 2nd floor shop
window a lovely MV 750SS.

After overcoming some initial language difficulties - I was allowed up
to see the "bike" (it's not a motorcycle apparently). Shop owner has
had it since the 70's - he was not around, I was not given any further

It is a pretty original looking bike, mileage say 4668kms (3000
miles). From my little research it really does not look like an proper
SS - has the right front brake, but tank/seat are from the S, carbs
look like a replacement from Jap multi, has Smiths speedo/tacho.

Next to it was a Gilera Bialdero 350, similar condition.

Obviously this bike has been spotted before - has anyone been able to
contact the owner and find out any information - must be an
interesting story attached.



The Dude
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wow, jim, whatcha doing out here? great day, saturday....sunday is all rainy and sucked.

cool find out there.....!
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