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750 America who was the designer?

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i am looking for the name of the designer of the 750 america.
thank you
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Welcome to the forum mate, I know very little about the classic's so wait for the experts to help you out, in the meantime you can read this I suppose -
chief protagonist for the America at MV was Fredmano Spairani (ex Ducati). MV engineers involved in building the prototype were headed by Ing Giuseppe Bocchi and comprised Ing Guiseppe di Matteo, Dott. Luca Apolloni, Flavio Gallo and Guiseppe Minervi. Testing was predominantly by Alberto Pagani who reported to the senior engineering team led by Bocchi, Magni,m Rossi, Mattavelli and the comercial representative Bertola. source is Ian Falloon's 'the book of classic MV Agusta fours'
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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