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Bought new by myself in June 2019, I ran it in round Europe touring then rode from North Wales (UK) to the Nurburgring and back in a weekend - it's 700 miles away from me including the Channel Train. I did 18.5 laps that weekend, I only had the camera on for the first day and captured my first few laps on it.

I wasn't chasing times - coming from a 1000 I was just dialing myself into the bike, getting used to what gear to be in, adjusting braking markers as not approaching apexs as quickly, and rubbing a load of anti-apex cream into myself for safety margin (I never ride 100% there - just not worth it). Plus I didn't want (and can't afford) to bin my beautiful new bike.

Since 2003 when I first went after giving up racing / hanging my leathers up, this almost filled the void of sitting on the start line waiting for the red lights to go out, I have now completed approx. 2,000 laps there over the years, including some race school instructing. Enjoy. They're nothing special but I enjoy it there.

I thought the Ultima would have had a bit more of a play, it should have blown me into the weeds. Pulled in after half a lap to fuel up and adjust suspension as still tweaking it for my style.

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