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The plug on my lambda sensor was loose last time I rode so it ended up melting against the side of the engine and now I'm not sure about how to wire the sensor. I was hoping someone with a 2013 F4 could help me out by checking the wiring on their lambda sensor so I can just solder the wires directly.

The workshop manual shows that the sensor connects into the wiring harness plug which is labeled:
1- orange green
2- violet
3- red green
4- yellow black

but that plug is unrecognizable and the plug on the lamba sensor goes

A- purple
B- white
C- grey
D- black

So logically the it should be either:

Wiring 1
purple A - 1 orange green
white B - 2 violet
grey C - 3 red green
black D - 4 yellow black


Wiring 2
purple A - 4 yellow black
white B - 3 red green
grey C - 2 violet
black D - 1 orange green

The images shows how I think the sensor should be wired, the wiring reference from the workshop manual and where the sensor sits on the exhaust.


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Check your other thread....
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