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Here is my dialogue w/ the seller:
Q: Your description states that this bike has the "auto" down shift function: Can you confirm that it works properly? I've looked at a few other 2013/2014 and that doesn't seem to actually work (yet)!?! -Dave Mar-13-15
A: Thanks for the question Dave. I assure you that the quickshifter on my bike works. I would not have listed it as a feature if it did not. MV sends out bulletins or updates whenever they discover something that needs to be addressed with their bikes. Basically you take the bike in and have the services performed free of charge. So, I have had the quickshifter screw replaced and the Eldor ECU program updated which addressed the auto blipper issues. I have the service records showing said updates and they are also on file at the dealership.

I don't think that he fully addressed my question but, his answer he does address the "auto blipper" !

Opinions? -Davis :popcorn:
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