Decided to part ways with my f4, and still on the fence about my f3

2005 F4, 17k miles
Bought it last November, clean and clear ohio tittle. I do not know much about the previous owners, I’m the third I believe. It comes with one key and a spare blank ( un cut ) key.

Thus far since I’ve owned it, it has new spark plugs, a replaced injector and coil. Will come with three extra injectors and all old parts if buyer wants them. I replaced the cable for the seat release.

Currently, I have installed a full titanium bodis exhaust system, Jet prime water pump, samco radiator hoses and ss clamps. Radiator support bracket by gotojoe. Engine ice was put in the bike. It has Gilles rearsets ( setup for standard shift ). Smoked integrated taillight. eBay license plate bracket with led light.
I have had both wheels powder coated black and installed new wheel bearings on the front wheel. ( previous owners before me decided to spray paint the rear wheel, didn’t remove the wheel or tire ) new tires put on after the wheels were done. New soft renthal grips

It does have an aftermarket air filter installed from previous but not sure on brand. Also the front windscreen is smoked and not sure of brand as well. I’ve inspected the fuel hoses inside the fuel tank, they are in great shape.

The bad: Rear brake doesn’t work, master cylinder is fried due to exhaust but I never use my rear brake anyways but it will still activate the brake light. The front turn signals don’t work, I’m assuming worn contacts on the front nose, didn’t bother to mess with them yet, was thinking about reworking them to eliminate the front contact problem. The bike could use a tune but still runs great. There are some scratches on the fairings, hasn’t been laid down to my knowledge. And lastly from my other post, it did tip over onto my lift and it did put a hole in the right side fairing, but I repaired it and from a distance, you can’t see it lol

I don’t think I’m forgetting anything but who knows, the bike has been fun to ride and to work on, the bodis exhaust is truely amazing…

I DO NOT WISH TO PART OUT so please don’t ask, if I decide to, you’ll see a new thread started. I am open to reasonable offers

it’s easier to contact me via email and I can send more pics, answer questions etc

[email protected]