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As a new owner of a 05 Brutale I was riding home from work and at the exact same place on the highway the low fuel light comes on and it is 3 miles to my usual fill up stop.
At 600 feet from the pumps the bike just shut off.... I thought just cut it too close this time.
Pushed the bike to the pumps and filled it up, cranked it, nothing, "choke", nothing... checked the fuses, kill switch, all ok. Calling for rain so I had the bike transported back to my garage.
Busy with work so I can't spend alot of time with the bike right now but the motor turns over, the fuel pump does the priming thing, cylinder #1 has spark, plug was dry and tan in color. Drained the tank and flipped it over and dropped the pump, the only thing I noticed at this time was the aluminum cap on the fuel level sensor was popped out.
This bike has the Metal CPC fuel line connectors installed and I checked and found fuel in one line to the injector rail, I will order a new fuel filter and some Gates lines and R&R those items, and will reassemble the tank and check the fuel pump and see if I'm getting fuel to the injector rail.

Did I miss anything?

If I can't find anything, I guess the bike is going to FBF

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