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Hi guys, im new to this forum. ive owned my brutale for about 18 months now, love the bike and so far have had no issues... that is until now.

please excuse my ignorance/poor descriptions, I am a fitter/turner and am purplexed by even the simplest of electronic diagnostics.

So what happened is my puppy made her way into my garage with out my knowledge, and proceeded to chew and tear up the two senors plugs on the left hand side of the bike (1 directly into the radiator and 1 into where the coolant enters the block?)

ive purchased replacement plugs. problem is i dont know what colour wire goes where, and i also wonder if the added resistance from having extra connectors in the line might cause an issue?


what ive got is 1 dark green and 1 lighter green, and 1 blue and 1 kind of yellow/brown?.

So obviously my question is what goes where??

if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in Advance
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