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I was wondering if anyone knew whether front brake lines designated for a 2003-2006 F4 1000 would work on a 2002 F4 750 application. I know frequently that parts listed for those year 1000s do work with the 750s. A lot of internet sites list parts for the 1000 such as rearsets but they also work on the 750.

The reason I'm inquiring is that I need new front brake lines as mine are the original lines that came with the motorcycle and they seem to need replacing. I found a website that has Fren Tubo brake lines that are listed for 2003-2006 MV Agusta 1000 at a discounted rate and would purchase them if I knew they would work.

I am primarily concerned because of the odd setup on the Nissin caliper end of the line and don't want to order something that won't work. Does anyone know if the 2003-2006 F4 1000 uses this same setup or does it use the more conventional style fittings on the caliper side of the line?

I can't seem to find any definitive information on the forum or through internet search if they will work or not. I have seen on some internet vendors that Fren Tubo lists a different part number but that frequently happens considering they are different models technically. However, I have noticed some other brake line manufacturers seem to use the listing for the 2003-2006 F4 1000 and 2000-2002 F4 750.

Any info would help.

Thanks in advance.
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