Hey guys, with much remorse, it has come to sell my beloved F4 750.

I will first state that the bike has just suffered a hub bearing failure which I have not dissected much as it failed on my way to work and have not taken it apart but I did see some metal shavings on the wheel. There is also a tad bit of play in the rear wheel. Im not sure if it needs the whole hub or just the bearings but I always assume the worst. The price I am asking will reflect that.

Other than the aforementioned bearing/hub issue, this is a solid, rider quality F4 750 that happens to be in fantastic visual shape as well. Yes, there are a few visual imperfections such as a crack in the nose bridge of the front fairing, a small crack in the right side lower side fairing and a couple of light scratches on the left side fairing from a garage tip over but it is otherwise, in great shape for a 22 year old motorcycle.

I am the second owner and the first was down in Florida. I purchased it in August 2021 in Miami and had it shipped up to Georgia. I have performed a few upgrades on it since my ownership began. Those are the following:
-Metal Fuel line disconnects

- Driven Racing Fuel Filler Cap

- Carbon Fiber (painted silver to match) belly fairing

- Custom seat

- Lowered pegs (original included)

- recent brake fluid change, oil, spark plug and air filter change

Bike currently has 20401 miles on the odometer and runs great. I do not want to sell but I can use the extra funds and do not have the time to replace the bearing right now so I am selling it AS IS. I will let it go for $5,000 or best offer. Title in hand.