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In Australia there are few small capacity MVs that come onto the market and the price varies depending on the model and condition between $3,000 and $12,000 although some models can be up to $20,000 (350 B MV). Two recent e-bay small MVs in Australia are e-bay # 190406743329 83 cc checca and e-bay #190405533974 1964 125 (sold for $3,450). I think both of these bikes were ex Michaels in the US.

In general the 1969 125 GTLS (quite a few of these came to Australia) and the 1975 125 Sport go for the $8,000 to $12,000 range although I know of a sport that was sold for just $3,500 last November (Rob - I only heard about the bike yesterday but the owner has another which I am chasing up for you).

The TREL sounds great except for the no title and shipping overseas may be a problem comments so I'd do some research first if acquiring a bike from the States. There may also be similar problems with bikes from Italy.

You should also add the freight costs, custom agents and port fees if importing as they may add $1,000 to $2,000 to the bikes cost.

As for what model, with a few exceptions, they all have a similar desirability although I'd pass on a 1969 125/150 GT or a 1975 350 GT. They strike me as similar to the Ducati parallel twins, great if they are really cheap but otherwise not worth it.

Trojan motorcycles in Sydney had a couple of small MVs a while ago for around $12,000 and I know of a few other 125 cc bikes which may be for sale for the right price.

Some good sources for classic MVs are: a website devoted to classic MVs and [email protected] a list devoted to the classic MVs and worth joining if you are interested in obtaining an older MV

good hunting


1969 125 GTLS latte bike #1
1975 125 Sport latte bike #2
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Thank you Russ - with you on the job, it's only a matter time :)

Hey Luke, what Russ has written above is pretty much gospel. In fact, Russ's knowledge of these things is impeccable & we are lucky to have guys like him give advice (and only too happy to) to anyone that seeks it.

The only thing I would add on the overseas thing, is (what I have found from experience) there is reluctance to deal with people from Australia, as logistically, it's difficult, pack into a box- ship etc etc I have had several deals fall over exactly for that reason, in the end they sold them locally for less money, simply because it was easier. Russ has had successful imports but I found that to be the exception rather than the norm. If you have a contact in the respective Country then it gets easier I think.

If you are thinking about getting into classics I can assure you it is quite a joy. It can also be heartbreaking when things go wrong & estatic when resolved - if you enjoy a ride in every sense of the word, then it's for you :)
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