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Hey guys, so I'm one of those addicts riding a bike with plenty of issues as long miles as possible just out of love for it. I have a 2015 TV non lusso model which I had issues from day 1. I'm right now at 16.900 kms with a fail lambda(oxygen) sensor. The issue happened right after I've put Shell gasoline with V Power additive. My MV service fella told not to ever use additive powered gasoline on an any MV bike or lambda sensor will die at it's first chance.

Anyways, lesson learned; ordered waiting for the 187 eur replacement lambda sensor and a troublesome rear hub. Here's my story so far:

- At 2k miles, my clutch switch failed leaking fluid and making the clutch lever inoperable. Result: Replaced from warranty (cause: doesn't like water). I regularly clean the front sprocket and WD40 the clutch switch sensor near it. (its actually been replaced 2 times due to fail but that's a whole another story)

- At 6k miles, my rear right signal died after a 1k mile roadtrip some of it being under heavy rain. Turns out issue not derived from water bubbles inside the signal housings but torn wiring for the signal behind the mud hugger. (Cause: loose zip tie resulting right hand signal cable in contact with the rear tyre). Re-wired and secured the position of the cables. No issues so far.

- At 9k miles: Dead left bar end turn signal. (cause: too tight factory cabling causing the minus cable snap on hard steering to the right). I've replaced wiring with waterproof sockets. No issues

- At 9k miles and every time I washed it: No display showing up after turning on ignition (dealer says it means ecu is in safe mode), and after resetting by removing and remounting the batter poles, abs error, quickshifter totally failing, cruise control no longer functional. (cause: doesn't like water). What I did was apply ceramic coating(water repellent) to the ABS sensor in the front after removing the tire and isolate the quickshifter rod with a macaron housing as one of the guys here suggested. No isses ever since.

- At 10k miles: Dead oxygen sensor, faulty rear hub. It's been a mile since my lambda sensor died and no issues other than the dashboard warning annoyance but MV dealer says I shouldn't feel safe since it will soon burn rich mixture = trouble. Ordered a new sensor.

Aaand about the rear hub. Oh man, that rear hub. Today I went to my dealer friend to have him my chain tension corrected. And as soon as he looked at the rear wheel joints, we realized the rear hub chain tensioning end was halfway eaten! (I've been wondering where those metal dust to my rear rim coming from for a couple miles now).

I was suggested no longer ride the bike until a new rear hub arrives (already ordered one better from DesignCorse a week ago which is about to arrive).

So right now I can't ride it, but haven't given up on him yet :) I will post the pics of what I've fixed and how next.

Thanks for your time reading so far.
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