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Everyone missed something in Buck's original post.....
His bike has 100,000kms on it.......he has a simple air leak:wink2:

Go to the auto parts store and buy 4 vacuum caps to fit the fittings on the throttle bodies, get a tube of
Form a Gasket silicone seal if you don't have one
Go to the hardware store and buy 8, M4x25 Allen screws and a 3mm BALL end Allen screwdriver
Replace the stupid Phillips screws in the manifold clamps, tighten correctly
If you want to sync the throttle bodies you'll need a vacuum gauge......
I use a Uni-Syn, and have been since '59 they're $20-30 on eBay
Remove the plastic air horns, clean them and seal the stupid holes closed with silicone seal, set them aside
You must do this if you use a Uni-Syn
Now look down your intakes.....does the gap between the throttle blades look the same on 1&2 and 3&4?
This is where you ignore the want to make 1&2 the same as 3&4, the human eye is great at discerning tiny gaps
or use a narrow feeler gauge
You use the left screw to do this......the one they tell you NOT to touch........Chuck and Donsy helped me do this at Bubba V
The left screw adjusts the difference between 1&2 and 3&4, I'm surprised Chuck forgot, I don't know if Ed saw me do this
Ed, There are no Nylocks in the MV throttle linkage, they don't move unless severely abused:wink2:
Pictures......the throttle bodies are upside down


21 - 22 of 22 Posts