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Just had the above done at Trooper Lu's in Sydney.

Great garage, did it all whilst I waited, which was about 2.5 hours. Loads of advice and great chat. Good feel to the place as well....although I had to refuse the test ride of the Black 1090RR as I've only recently purchased the 800. I know I'd have had it stuck in my head, or so I thought!!!

So set off and didn't realise it was in Sports. I'm still easing myself into the bike and honestly, it felt like it had just had two rocks of crack as part of the service!! So, couple of miles down the road and I put it back in Normal as the roads are backed up.

Roads clear and I open her up and wow, what a difference. The throttle is as close to instant as it's going to get. As much as i'd loved it before I'd been lying to myself about the throttle response. As soon as you start to twist you feel it now. The bike now matches it's looks for me.

Don't know if it's the service or the map but the sound now is something else. I had great fun riding behind and then past Monsters and Triples. They can hear you coming. It's as if I can feel the jealousy flying out of them as their head twitches around looking for the beast.

The suspension set-up made me feel so much more grounded. If I remember rightly the dude says the rebound was wrong. It no longer felt bouncy and felt balanced between front and back if that made any sense. I had it set up for 85kg which is about right with all my gear. Talk about nimble!!!

The weird part: was I surrounded by MV fans? Was my smile beaming out of my helmet? Did I have MV wanker written on the back of my jacket? I reckon none of the above....but the attention factor had gone up a notch or two for sure.

Something else they did....loosened the stiffness on front brake and clutch levers. The clutch was a bit too stiff for an hour commute. Tidied up some loose parts such as the indicator and a few niggles. They even installed my number plate properly as I'd done a hatchet job on it after my original had blown off.

So, took the long route home. Parked up and thought fork this, went back out in Sports mode. Bwahahahaha...the missus thought I'd been up to something when I finally arrived back.

Next on the list....tail tidy, gel seat, air filter and Zero Exhaust :) but I'm just going to enjoy what I have first.

Not sure on a Slipper Clutch or Steering Damper. They might have to be next year.

If your worried about buying, don't be. Just do what I had done and it's the bike you've dreamed off.
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