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  1. Customising and Performance Section
    Hey guys, Brand new MV owner and very much in love the look of my new Dragster. However, I would like to remove the stock license plate holder and get an under seat tail tidy and I am wondering about y'all's experience with them. I've searched around the forum and found a few of you are going...
  2. Brutale B3 and Dragster
    The number plate in Germany (and in Europe almost everywhere I think) is just too large to get it under the rear light. No chance without destroying it due to the rear wheel while driving. So we fixed it next to the chain wheel. The indicators are the original ones, a little modifed, fixed near...
  3. Customising and Performance Section
    Looking to get a Rivale tail tidy and saw one on the anonimoto website, but tried to contact them and the link does not work, does anyone know if they are still in business. Thanks
  4. Brutale B3 and Dragster
    Hi all, After a point in the right direction as I'm after a nice tail tidy for my 2017 Brutale 800 and can't seem to find one that's actually listed as such - they're either a different MY, or for a Dragster for example. I assume a tail tidy for a Dragster won't fit my Brutale 800? Any other...
  5. Turismo Veloce
    The rear indicators on the TV are really poor quality. I've gone through 4 in 2 years, MV really need to get their QA sorted. I purchased a R&G tail tidy and indicators. £120 + 90 mins to fit. Alan at Cupar motorcycles fitted it for me and did a fantastic job. Apparently there were a few...
  6. F3
    Anyone have experience of fitting their tail tidies?
  7. New Member Introductions
    Who like my tail tidy design ?
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I am the proud owner of a new 2016 brutal 800 RR, and I love it. white and red, all standard, other than white rim tape, a bar end mirror and a tail tidy i made myself. Looks so sweet. Well so sweet you can't see it. :smile2:
1-8 of 8 Results