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  1. Turismo Veloce
    Hi Guys i recently bought a Turismo Veloce and noticed on my way home the cruise control and QS does not work at all. I have tried to set the QS state off in the menu with no luck. I have tried riding in 6th gear and trying at various speeds to activate cruise. I see the clutch sensor has been...
  2. F4 - 2nd Gen. 2010+
    Just received my F4 and already looking at what improvements to take care of first. I am thinking it will be to remove the stock quickshifter, add some rearsets and a new bi-directional shifter. From reading as many posts on the forum as I can find, I believe ECU Studio is the way to go to get...
  3. F3
    Hi fellow F3 lovers :grin2:, Firstly, I am sorry if I am about to ask something which has already been answered to. I have gone through the threads and have not come across the info I seek. I love my F3, cannot think of anything better and to make it a bit more fun, I want to install a...
1-3 of 3 Results