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  1. How to get the fan run earlier

    Hi, this is one who is suffering from overheating. Is there any way to get the fan to run earlier?? (except manually switch) like : adjust the wires of the heat sensor..? some say it's a production defect, but I expect it to get better.
  2. Bought the Eprom today

    Customising and Performance Section
    Spoke to Adam today and purchased a eprom chip from him for the F4 in a quest for more power and better running to suit pipe mods check out his datalogger site 16m ECU Diagnostic Data Logger This is a very knowledgeable MV guy
  3. F41000s radiator support fitted simple but effective

    Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Hi all fitted the radiator support today took all of half an hour took longer to get the bolts back in the fairing so the indicators worked !